Product Summary

To enable accurate Shear Viscosity measurement with high reproducibility, R6000 saves your precious time and cost!
R6000 provides you a very useful information about the process-ability of your material, in addition!

01.Twin bore rheometer for better accuracy.

We do not design twin bore for the higher efficiency. You may think having 2 bores makes your measurement efficiency double. You can use them that way, for sure. But we offer something better. By having the capillary with the same diameter, but with different length, you can measure Bagley and Rabinowitsch corrected Shear viscosity in one path. This gives big benefit, since the data has less errors all the time.

02.Additional elongational viscosity information to evaluate how material fits the process.

We calculate elongational viscosity out of the converging flow. Elongational viscosity is very sensitive to the structure of the material. And we can measure the elongational viscosity at the production speed of most of the process. The converging flow at the runner of the injection molding machine, bubble stability of the inflation molding, draw down of the parison of the blow molding, to name a few.

03.Hight reproducibility.

By using high accuracy pressure transducer to measure the capillary pressure, we achieved a very high reproducibility. By automating the measurement process, there is no operator skill to influence the results. You filled the twin bore with different amount of materials? No problem, R6000 will take care of it and completes the perfect measurements.We made it so easy to exchange the pressure transducers for easier maintenance.

04.Big power and variety of speed.

While achieving the maximum piston load of 50kN standard and 100kN optional, we have the position accuracy of 0.02 micron meter. We can cover the shear rate range from 0.02/s to 9.6×105/s. This means you can measure rubber at room temperature, thermo plastic at just above the melting temperature.

05.The latest control technology.

Combination of high accuracy platinum temperature sensor and ceramic heaters, calibration of the sensor’s analogue circuits, noise reduction of the sensor data makes the highest accuracy possible on capillary rheometer.

06.Touch panel to control the rheometer manually.

Even the computer is not connected, you can still control the temperature and the piston of the rheometer manually. This makes preheating of the system easy and helps in case of emergency. We support weekly timer to preheat the barrel from the touch panel.